PP Baler Twine Rope

Our Polypropylene Baler Twin ropes are produced using modern technology for high resistant against chemicals, moisture, and heat. We manufacture wide range of baler twines rich in colours and exhibiting excellent tolerance and anti-decay properties. The twines provide reliable knobs and hence largely used by agricultural and other industries for crop wrapping. Apart from crop wrapping, the baler twines are also suitable for general packaging needs in various industries and warehouses.


Key Features/Characteristics

  • Very reasonable price
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Flexible and light weighted
  • Easy to handle and safe for hands
  • No degradation when exposed to UV
  • Withstands exposure chemicals
  • Offers tolerance upon binding
  • Controlled elongation without breakage
Applications 3 Strand
  1. Commercial
  2. Marine & Fishing
  3. Domestics

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