HDPE Monofilament Rope

HDPE ROPES are made with monofilament yarn, which is extruded from the best extruders. The sizes range available is 2mm to 24mm Diameters, which can be made in 3 Strand Strand. HDPE Monofilament Ropes are used exclusive for Gill Net Fishing method, which requires a high strength, uniform lay and a better abrasion resistant.

Coil Lengths:
These ropes are available in 100/200/300 mtrs or yards or 300 / 600 / 1200 ft. (Long lengths are available on request.)

Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, White, Black. Brown, etc.


Key Features / Characteristics:

  • Excellent finishing for safe grip
  • Lightweight and hence easily transportable
  • Simple to store in rolls
  • Highly resistant to moisture, heat, shock loading, and abrasion
  • Long lasting quality flexible in all types of weathers
  • Unreactive against chemicals
Applications 3 Strand
  1. Commercial
  2. Marine & Fishing
  3. Domestics

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