We SWETA Enterprise emerged in the year in 1990, We are manufacture a wide variety of ROPE such as PP Rope, Mono Rope, Cotton Rope & Twine

We manufacture, supply & export a range of quality products that are extensive used world over.

We possess a world class infrastructure & have access to the stream of young talent from all across India. Yearning to prove themselves through hard work & dedication. Our monofilament ropes offer improved durability & utility for the artificial market.

Why to Choose Us?

We SWETA Enterprise are a manufacturer and exporter.  We are to old this business  and which has been creating and delivering ropes for a very long time: Please find below few point to describe our expertise and belief

  • We offer a wide variety of ropes.
  • Flexible payment options to simplify transaction.
  • Efficient logistic facility to ensure timely delivery of products.
  • Reasonable pricing structure.

Believe in Quality : Our first motto is to provide finest quality product for with this we created our brand “ SWETA ROPE “ Nationally and Globally Long
Durability : Our quality products are highly reliable and long durable. That is our product high standards which makes it very long durable and sustainable in any condition.

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